About me

I grew up in a family of artists, between the wool and silk of my mother and the metal, wood and glass of my father. I can’t even remember when I did start drawing and painting.
Shapes, colors, lines, light and materials always enthralled me.
In 1997 I started at the ‘Willen de kooning’ art academy in Rotterdam. I chose the illustration department because in that time I worked a lot with graphical techniques and I was sure all I wanted was drawing. I finished there in 2002. But gradually I discovered I rather work autonomously. Since then I paint and I make work with all different kinds of materials, mainly textile, but also glass and synthetic materials.
Since 2001 I exhibit continuously in Europe. I participated in symposia and did various assignments, for theaters, clubs and restaurants.

The themes I am engaged in are intimate portraits.
They are not represented only by people but any synonym; rooms, landscapes, women. They all represent characters and emotions.
See about my work.

I have been working as an art teacher since 2002. From 2002 till 2008 at the Rudolf Steiner College in Rotterdam and currently at the ‘Willem de Kooning’ Academy in Rotterdam. (Since 2008).
Art education is a mission as art is my passion. To educate in art is a challenge. To interest , grow and excel in skills and ideas. This counts for both parties.


For Photography work: www.thefoxismine.com – Facebook


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